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The Savvy Sleeper’s Guide to The Best Mattress for Heavy People

Everyone wants a good night sleep, and to wake up feeling refreshed. The right mattress is just one of many things that can help improve your quality of sleep. Mattress needs vary from person to person. Your age, sleeping position preference, and weight and shape play an essential part in finding the right mattress for you. The best mattress for heavy people will, most likely, be a different mattress than the best mattress for lighter people.

To help you get started on your search, we put together a guide of what exactly you should look for to find the best mattresses for heavy people. We have also included a list of ten recommended mattresses, with pros and cons for each.

Looking for the overall best mattress? Consider the Amerisleep AS3.


Finding the Best Mattress for Heavy People

Depending on your body type, different weights will be considered heavy for a person. This makes weight an important factor to consider when buying a new mattress. For example, the lighter you are, the firmer a mattress may feel and the heavier you are, the softer it may feel. For this post, we are going to focus on what qualities to look for if you are over 200 lbs and shopping for a new mattress.

As a heavier person, you should not have to suffer from a lack of sleep at night or wake up in the morning to a sore back or injury from your mattress. You can find just the right mattress for your needs. Here are a few things to look for as you begin your search:

Before we dive into each of these characteristics to learn more about how they benefit heavier people when sleeping, let’s review our top 5 choices for the best mattresses for heavy people.

5 of the Best Mattresses for Heavy People

Each of these mattresses features materials, compositions, and specializations that make them some of the best mattresses for heavy people. Review the options to get a better idea of which mattress is right for you.

Amerisleep’s AS2

Amerisleep’s AS2 is one of the best mattresses for heavy people due to its blending of comfort, support, and durability. The AS2 is Amerisleep’s medium-firm mattress and is 12″ thick. The base is a foam support layer that is known for not sagging, increasing the mattress’ long-term durability, which explains why Amerisleep can offer a 20-year warranty. This is ideal for heavy people who put more weight on the bed each night. Also, an added benefit is that this layer is eco-friendly. For those interested in buying a product that betters the environment, this is the mattress for you.

The second layer is made of HIVE® technology designed to provide zoned support, giving you support where you need it and comfort where you want it. As a heavy person, this means you don’t have to worry about aches and pains in one specific area. This layer is there to help relieve all those pressure points while increasing comfort. The next foam layer has an advanced open-cell structure to promote cooling while you sleep. This innovative technology means you won’t have to deal with overheating while sleeping on a foam mattress.

The AS2, like all Amerisleep mattresses, also use Celliant® fabric which is FDA-determined1 to increase comfort and promote more restful sleep.

Price: $1,099

Nest Bedding’s Alexander Signature Series

The Alexander Signature Series by Nest Bedding is a great choice for the best mattress for heavy people due to its variety of layers. The Alexander Signature Series is comprised of four foam layers and one cooling cover. Each of the foam layers provides stability and comfort for heavy people as they sleep. For those interested in edge support, one of the foam layers helps to prevent sagging around the edge of the mattress.

In some memory foam mattresses, people tend to overheat. Body heat cannot escape, and there is no airflow. The cooling cover helps to keep sleepers cool throughout the night. In addition, sleepers can choose from the medium or luxury firm options. A mattress for heavy people should be firmer. So, opt for the luxury firm to ensure your body receives the support it needs.

Price: $1,199

best mattress for heavy people

Casper’s The Wave

The Wave is a Casper mattress model made of five layers of foam. Each layer is specialized to add another benefit to the mattress. The first layer assists with contouring around your body, the second adds support, the third relieves pressure, the fourth helps cool you down, and the fifth increases comfort.

A unique aspect of this mattress for heavy people is the fourth layer is made of latex. Some memory foam mattresses tend to trap heat. The addition of this latex layer ensures that air can flow through the mattress keeping you cool all night long.

If you are a side sleeper or a stomach sleeper, this mattress may be best for you. The second and third foam layers work together to relieve pressure points and provide the right amount of support. For those with sore hips or an aching back, this mattress may add the right touch of softness and comfort.

Price: $2,250


The WinkBeds’ mattress is a hybrid made up of a blend of coils and foam layers. The combination of these materials creates a durable and comfortable mattress.

The main selling point for WinkBeds is the “plus” model designed specifically for heavy people. It comes with a latex layer meant to keep its shape better. This, along with the back relief system, helps provide support for your back while relieving pressure. If you’re a back sleeper, your back will be protected from aches and pains. For side sleepers, your lower back and hips will be protected from too much sagging and lack of alignment. The mattress also comes with edge support to prevent sagging and increase durability.

For those sleeping with a partner, there is a gel foam layer that stops motion from transferring throughout the mattress. That means a sound sleep for both people, even if one tends to move a lot during the night. Finally, there is a layer that helps to keep you cool while you sleep. For heavy people who may overheat when sleeping, a cooling layer can make all the difference.

Although it is recommended that heavy people select a the firmer, “plus” mattress, the WinkBeds mattress comes in a variety of levels from soft to firm.

Price: $1,299


The Saatva mattress is a hybrid featuring layers of individually wrapped coils and foam layers. A unique feature of this mattress is its combination of a lower coil unit and top coil unit. The bottom unit forms the base which helps prevent sagging, making the mattress more durable. The top coil unit is then able to shape to your body providing comfort and support. The individually wrapped coils help to reduce any motion transfer if you are sleeping with a partner.

The mattress comes with two foam layers, as well. One memory foam layer focuses on supporting the lumbar region of your lower back. This will work to relieve any tension you feel in that area while sleeping. For heavy people, this is key, whether you’re a back, side, or stomach sleeper. The second foam layer is for edge support. With edge support, you can feel comfortable sleeping near the edge of the bed.

Saatva offers three levels of comfort, from soft to firm. Since the luxury firm option falls in the 5-7 range of the firmness scale, it may still be an option for heavy people. Opt for the firm mattress for even more stability while sleeping.

Price: $1,099

Are Thicker Mattresses Better for Heavy People?

If you are heavier, that means more weight will be distributed around your body and the mattress while sleeping. You want a good night’s sleep. You do not want any injuries or soreness when you wake in the morning. So, finding a mattress with extra support and thickness may do just the trick.

The extra support in a mattress helps to protect certain areas of your body. For example, your hips, shoulders, and stomach area may receive too much pressure when you sleep. As you lie down, your body weight will fall onto those areas. Having a little extra support helps to cushion those areas. Therefore they are protected from any potential soreness or injury. This will help you sleep through the night more comfortably.

When shopping for a thicker mattress with more support, you may not know where to begin. Since mattresses range in thickness from 5 inches to 20 inches, which should a heavier person select? It all depends on the combination of layers and the type of mattress you purchase. As a heavier person, you should search for a mattress thicker than 10 inches, preferably 12 inches.

However, some mattresses have layers that provide more support. This can allow heavier people to select mattresses with less thickness.

The Benefits of Firmer Mattresses

After you have owned a mattress for a few years, it may start to sag. Perhaps you are experiencing this with your current mattress, and that is why you are shopping for a new one. You can buy a mattress that it custom made to prevent sagging. As a heavier person, this is something to look into further when weighing your options.

As a mattress starts to sag, it will not be able to provide your body with proper support. You may feel as though you are sinking into the mattress over time. Certain parts of your body like your hips and shoulders may not feel as protected. This can be especially true if you are a side sleeper. The best mattress for heavy side sleepers includes one that doesn’t sag very much. It may cause unnecessary and uneven pressure in those areas of your body. Avoid issues like these by finding a mattress that will last longer without sagging.

For those who tend to sleep on their back, this may not be as much of an issue. As time passes, a normal mattress is still likely to sag if you sleep in the same area every night, though.

Use the firmness scale to decide which mattress is right for you:

  • 1-2 very soft
  • 3-4 soft
  • 5-6 medium
  • 7-8 medium firm
  • 9-10 very firm

A heavier person should opt for a medium firm or very firm mattress. This helps counterbalance the sinking or sagging that may occur.

Memory Foam Mattresses for Heavy People

As a heavier person, you may have heard to avoid memory foam. Maybe a friend told you does not provide enough support. You may have read reviews claiming that heavier people just sink into memory foam. Whatever prejudice you may have against memory foam, put it aside for now.

Buying the best best memory foam mattress for heavy people is all about finding one with the right combination of layers. Memory foam mattresses can help alleviate pressure while heavy people sleep. Have you ever woken up with sore hips, an aching shoulder, or a hurting back? The right combination of memory foam layers could provide just what you need to remedy that problem.

It may take extra research and some trial and error to find the best mattress for you. Once you find it, though, you will realize it was all worth it.

Temperature-Regulated Mattresses for Heavy People

You do not have to be a heavy person to care deeply about the temperature in your room when you sleep. Some people prefer to have air conditioning blasting year-round. Others can sleep in any climate without an issue. It is, however, often the case that heavier people are hotter at night while sleeping. If you feel like your air conditioning bill keeps going through the roof or you cannot fit one more fan into your bedroom, you may need a temperature-controlled mattress.

You can find some with layers meant to control the temperature. These mattresses often come with specialized layers to increase airflow and decrease the amount of heat trapped in the mattress.

These characteristics will help prevent you from becoming too hot when you sleep at night. An innerspring or hybrid mattress is often best for this need. When it comes to memory foam alone, it may not do the trick at keeping you from overheating during the night.

Edge Support in Mattresses for Heavy People

Edge support makes your bed more stable. It also helps reduce sagging around the edges of your mattress. Do you tend to use your bed throughout the day or for activities besides sleeping? Some people sit on the edge of their beds to do work, to get dressed, or simply when relaxing. Edge support plays a role in how functional your bed is for those activities.

It is an extra feature not all may need in their mattress. For heavier people, though, this is something to consider looking for in your next mattress.

When shopping around, you will know a mattress has edge support if there are extra support systems added around the mattress. For instance, a memory foam mattress may have more foam around the edge. A mattress with coils may work harder to get the coils closer to the edge to provide even support.

Sleeping Positions for Heavy People

Side Sleeper

Looking for the best mattress for side sleepers is different from looking for the best mattress back sleepers. If you tend to be a side sleeper, protecting areas like your hips and shoulders is very important. These parts of your body receive more pressure throughout the night. This can be especially true if you are a heavier person. When shopping around for a new mattress, make sure you find one that has plenty of support and one that can alleviate pressure.

If a mattress is too soft, your hips and shoulders may sink in too much causing increased pressure on your lower back and aches and pains on your shoulder. But if your mattress is too firm, it can cause aches and pains on your hips and may increase the chance of your arm falling asleep, leading to more tossing and turning throughout the night.

Back Sleeper

Back sleepers need to take into consideration their back and spine. Heavier people often prefer to sleep on their back because the weight may feel more evenly distributed.

It is still important to select a mattress that is the right balance of thick and firm with a blend of cushioning and support. This will alleviate added pressure to specific areas of your back while you are sleeping at night. If a mattress is too firm, the curve of your lower back won’t be supported (you will almost be able to put your hand through the space between your lower back and mattress). This space creates tension and pain. But if your mattress is too soft, your hips may sink below your thighs, causing increased pain and discomfort.

Stomach Sleeper

Stomach sleeping is the rarest sleeping position. It is also the one position not recommended by medical professionals. A heavier person who is a stomach sleeper may feel more discomfort in their hips and back. If the majority of your weight is around your stomach area, your hips and back may feel uncomfortable while you sleep and when you wake up.

A thinner, softer, or sagging mattress will likely increase this pain as your body sinks into the mattress. This will cause the body weight to continue to push down on your hips. By opting for a firmer, thicker mattress, this can help keep your back aligned and relieve added pressure on your hips. Plus, if you’re a stomach sleeper, sometimes the solution is finding the mattress which feels comfortable to you on your back or side. By doing this, you can eliminate the need to sleep on your stomach at all.

Combination Sleeper

There are mattresses for heavy people that vary in composition for combination sleepers. These mattresses will be made of different layers to provide the right amount of support and comfort. When you move positions throughout the night, you should still sleep restfully.

It is important, still, to determine if there are one or two positions in which you frequently sleep. This way, you can choose a mattress that best suits those positions. A side sleeper and back sleeper may need very different mattress types for a good night’s sleep. Try to narrow down your preferences to ensure your mattress is right for you.

Materials in Mattresses for Heavy People

Foam Mattresses

Mattresses made of foam layers have a variety of pros and cons. One of the main selling points of foam mattresses is that they contour to your body shape. This means that the mattress is likely to provide comfort and support at the same time. Depending on the type of sleeper you are, the support may be in your hips, your shoulders, your back, or somewhere else.

One of the main cons of foam mattresses is some models have been reported to retain heat. However, newer models of mattresses remedy this thanks to advances in technology. It’s all about finding a foam mattress with the layers needed to match your needs.

For heavy people shopping for foam mattresses, make sure not to select one that is too soft. It is still important to find a mattress that offers thickness and support.


Innerspring mattresses are made up of coils designed to provide support. Depending on the mattress, it may have bonnell coils, continuous coils, offset coils, or pocketed coils. Each of these coil types specializes in something different from providing softness, to firmness, to plushness. One benefit to innerspring mattresses is they are usually more affordable than hybrid or foam mattresses.

However, since they are cheaper, they are known for not being as durable. They may sag sooner than other mattresses and require you to purchase a new mattress after only a few years.


Latex mattresses can be made of natural latex, synthetic latex, or a blend of both. If you opt for natural latex, there are a few more pros. For example, it may last longer than other mattresses made of unnatural materials. Also, it can help reduce allergies you may experience when using a different mattress. These special features come with a price tag, though. Latex mattresses tend to be on the pricier side.

These mattresses are also known to reduce motion isolation, which means movement on one side of the mattress does not transfer to the other side of the mattress. Also, just like innerspring and foam mattresses, there are a variety of types to select from. Whether you prefer firm or soft, latex offers multiple choices with benefits for different sleepers.


Hybrid mattresses are a combination of them all. You can purchase one of these mattresses that include your preference of coils and a variety of foam layers. This means you are getting a mattress with all the customizations to match your needs. For example, you can opt for coils in your hybrid to help promote coolness while sleeping and for added support. Foam layers mixed in can reduce pain and pressure while adding comfort.

In doing so, you are likely going to spend more money on a hybrid mattress. To find the best mattress for heavy people, this may be necessary, though. You do not want to sacrifice a good night’s sleep and a comfortable body just to save some money.


We hope the information we shared about has been informative. At the end of the day, it comes down to finding a company whose reputation and technology you trust. The companies listed above are well-established and offer generous sleep trials. Compare their online reviews if you are still interested in learning more about each company and feel free to comment below with any questions you may have.

1 The FDA has determined that Celliant® products are medical devices as defined in section 201(h) of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and are general wellness products. Celliant® is determined by the FDA to temporarily promote increased local blood flow at the site of application in healthy individuals. Hologenix, LLC, the maker of Celliant®, states that Celliant® safely converts body heat to infrared energy. This energy penetrates into the muscle and tissue to promote a temporary increase in local blood flow and helps increase comfort and promotes restful sleep.


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