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The Savvy Sleeper’s Guide to Tempur-Pedic Pillows

The Tempur-Pedic pillow has been one of the leading companies in the bedding industry for the last 3 decades. Their mattresses made a huge debut and changed the way customers viewed possible sleeping options, as did their pillows.

So, if you’re here, it’s not much of a surprise that you’re thinking of trying out a Tempur-Pedic Pillow. In this guide, we’ll talk about the five most popular pillows Tempur-Pedic has to offer as well as give an insight into their pillow reviews.

The Company History

The Tempur-Pedic brand is owned by Tempur Sealy International. As you most likely know, Tempur Sealy manufactures and distributes mattresses, foundations and adjustable foundations, pillows, and other bedding. The company operates under several brand portfolios: TEMPUR, Tempur-Pedic, Sealy, Sealy Posturepedic, and Stearns and Foster through retail stores, department stores, specialty retailers and warehouses such as Costco.

The company operates in two different segments, North American and international. It is this strategy that helped Tempur-Sealy reach the goal of selling to 100 different countries by 2016.

The first product, the Tempur-Pedic mattress was originally based on the NASA inspired memory foam. The Swedish technical foam was created by a company called Fagerdala World Foams. The brand was brought to the United States in 1992 and Tempur-Pedic was founded soon afterward.

In total, nine different distributors of the Swedish technical foam merged in 1999 to form the Tempur World Holding company. Late the company reforms in 2002 under the name Tempur-Pedic international. Finally in 2012, Tempur-Pedic International merged with its largest competitor, the Sealy Corporation, forming one of the biggest mattress companies in the United States.

Now, in 2019, the company’s net worth is about 3.37 billion dollars and is one of the largest providers of bedding material in the world.

Pillow Material

Tempur-Pedic mattresses and pillows are both made of proprietary technology referred to as Tempur material. Unique in how it conforms to your body, Tempur material responds to weight, shape, and temperature, and gives way to a personalized sleeping experience.

Even though we know the properties of the pillow material and the name of the foam, we aren’t entirely sure how the technology is made or works. Tempur Sealy International does not share much information about the construction of their foam technology. Reviews from the Tempur-Pedic website say there is a slight off-gas smell that comes from the pillow after first unwrapping the product but it is supposed to disapitates after a few days.

5 Most Popular Models

All pillow models are meant to keep their shape for years. They’re made out of a material called Proprietary Tempur. This material is the reason why your Tempur-Pedic pillow forms to the shape of your head and adapts to your body’s natural body temperature.

The cotton-like cover your pillow comes with is made of breathable material. Once again, we’re not entirely sure what the type of material makes up the cover but this material is a high stretch performance to ensure it will last as long as your pillow. Its design is meant to protect your pillow better than any other pillow cover.


This pillow lives up to its name. Many reviewers claim they sleep on a cloud. For people who are not accustomed to memory foam, this a great starter pillow. This also happens to be a very popular choice among customers.

The pillow has a low height of 5 inches and feels like a regular pillow. The firmness level of the pillow and the low profile make this pillow fantastic for any kind of sleeper.

It has a 4.7 star rating out of 2,140+ reviews and prices at $79.00. Raters state that this pillow is soft but still offers the support needed to give them a good night’s sleep. This pillow cradles your head and conforms to your neck and around your shoulders. Many reviewers claim that their upper back and neck pain has subsided since using this pillow.

Those who were disappointed by this pillow wanted a pillow with more firmness to it. They say the pillow falls flat or that they just sink right in. Please note that this pillow is, as the name states, soft as a cloud.


As Tempur-Pedic said, this is the pillow that started it all. This pillow is curved in such a way that it cradles your neck to give the proper support to your head, neck, even your shoulders. This pillow is available in three different sizes and is meant for those who sleep on their side and their back.

Reviewers have made it known that these Tempur-Pedic pillows help relieve back and neck pain. One reviewer claimed that this pillow helped him switch from being a stomach sleeper to a back sleeper. Thus, stopping his problems with slipped neck disks that his chiropractor was constantly having to fix.

The pillow is rated as extra firm on the Tempur-Pedic scale. Although, according to raters, the pillow is either a little too soft or way too hard.

This pillow is the next most popular pillow according to their website, with a 4.4 star rating out of 1331+ reviews and prices at $89.00.


The symphony is unique. It has two different designs in one pillow. One side has a nice curve to the pillow. This allows back sleepers to have their head supported without their head becoming too low. Meanwhile, on the other side, the pillow is flatter to give comfort to side and stomach sleepers.

Even though this pillow isn’t one of their most popular pillows. It still has an average of 4.4 stars out of 764+ reviews and prices at $99.00. Reviewers give the pillow high praise for its soft comfort and its ability to allow a combination sleeper to sleep more than one way. The only negative towards this pillow is from those who have previously bought a pillow similar to the Symphony and discovered it wasn’t what they expected.

This pillow is only available in one size and it is best for those who are a medium to large build.

Tempur-Adapt Pro

This pillow comes in three different heights and rates as a medium to extra soft on the Tempur-Pedic scale. The height that you should get is dependant on your sleeping style and body type.

  • If you’re a side sleeper or someone with a large frame, you’ll want the ProHi pillow
  • If you’re a stomach sleeper or someone with a small frame, you’ll want the ProLo pillow.
  • If you’re a back sleeper or someone of medium build, you’ll want the ProMid pillow.

This pillow has a  4.5 rating out of 327 reviews and prices at $129.00.

Reviewer claim it is a very comfortable pillow that keeps its form throughout the night. Many like that it is so soft. Although there are still reviewers that claim that the pillow has no support or is too soft. We highly suggest that you do some research before deciding on one of the three mattress heights.

Travel Pillows

Several different travel pillows are offered by the brand. There is Tempur-Comfort Travel pillow, which is a plushy mini pillow, small enough to pack or carry with you onto a plane. It’s shaped after the classic pillow with a height of 4 inches and a firm rating on Tempur-Pedic’s firmness scale. Many of the reviewers note the firmness of this travel pillow and their appreciation of the product ranges based on personal preference. If the firmness bothers a customer, it typically takes a little while to get used to the product. This pillow sales for $79.00 and received a rating of 4.4 out of 103 reviews.

Their next travel pillow, named Travel Pillow, is the classic horseshoe-shaped pillow. This pillow is designed to sit on your shoulders and cradle your neck. Its design allows your shoulders to relax and prevents muscle strains in your neck. This pillow sales for $79.00 and received a rating of 4.2 out of 116. Reviewers state that the pillow is so well loved that it is often used as an everyday pillow rather than a travel pillow. Those that do not appreciate the pillow say the pillow is too firm.

TempurPedic Pillows

Their last travel pillow, Tempur-Neck Travel Pillow, takes after the shape of their classic Tempur-Neck pillow. It has that natural curve in the surface to allow your head and neck to be cradled while relieving the stress from your shoulders. This pillow sales for $79.00 and rates as a 4.5 out of 177 reviews. This pillow once again has the glowing reviews that proceed normal sized Tempur-Neck pillows reputations. However, they also have the same complains of being too soft. Customers also complain the pillow is too small.

Return Policy

With every big company, there are bound to be people who do not like the product. While reading through the reviews, we found that many customers were not thrilled with the pillows that they were unable to return.

This is due to the nature of Tempur-Pedic’s return policy regarding pillows. Even though Tempur-Pedic is a large company, it does not have a customer guarantee policy.  Tempur-Pedic states “given the personal nature of these products, [they] accept returns only if the item is damaged at delivery or if there is a product defect”.

Although this policy only stands if you buy the product directly from Tempur Sealy International. If you buy the product from a retail store, your purchased product can be exchanged or returned according to the policies of the retailer.


Tempur Sealy International has a 5-year limited warranty with the proof of receipt unless the product was purchased directly from the company and was registered with the company.

Most of all of their pillows are covered under this warranty.

The cover is covered under the warranty for 2 years from the purchase date. If the cover needs to be replaced, Tempur-Pedic will replace it with their most current cover, which may be a different color and style then the original pillow cover.

Be warned, Tempur-Pedic pillows are not meant to go through the wash. If you wash your Tempur-Pedic pillow the material that makes up the pillow will be destroyed. Instead, air out your pillow by rolling it and slowly releasing the material. Repeating this process will air out the pillow’s materials. Be sure to always have your pillow covered with its special pillow cover. This will help keep your pillow fresh and clean.

Review Overview

Just with every product, there are downsides to Tempur-Pedic’s pillows. There are a small number of customers who complain about the off-gassing smell not going way or how the pillow is the wrong level of firmness or the wrong dimensions.

The only caution we suggest taking caution when considering this brand of pillow since is based solely on the make-up of the material the pillow is made of. We don’t really know where or how the material is made. There have been reports of allergic reactions. Allergies are more common with this foam material due to the chemical make-up of the pillow’s materials. And those who sleep hot, tend to be very hot when surrounded by Proprietary Tempur material.

Overall, Tempur-Pedic’s pillows are good products. They are well-made qualities, build to withstand many years. They do provide relief from back and neck pain. And the variety of pillows they offer is helpful in finding one that fits your sleeping style.

Tempur-pedic’s luxurious pillows have received glowing reviews from the majority of their customers.


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