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2013 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Mattress Sale Trends

Compare Black Friday and Cyber Monday mattress deals to get the best value.

Everyone knows that Black Friday and Cyber Monday mattress deals are a good time to save, but trying to decide which retailer has the best offers and which day will yield the best prices can be a challenge. Many people are afraid that if they miss out on shopping sales the day after Thanksgiving that they won’t have another opportunity for great savings, which isn’t always the case. However, sometimes brands also offer different or less valuable  Cyber Monday mattress deals, and may not release Monday’s offers until Friday is over. Plus, the relatively recent advent of online shopping is changing the holiday shopping in big way.

According to an article on Mashable,  most consumers prefer shopping from home on Cyber Monday compared to fighting the hordes on Black Friday. Online sales growth has even expanded to Thanksgiving itself, which has shown a 39% increase. Black Friday online sales have grown by 24% and Cyber Monday by an additional 33% as consumers become frustrated with camping out all night waiting for sales. Retailers this year are heavily advertising their websites and early access internet deals, underscoring the growing importance. Keep reading to learn about the major trends we’re seeing on for Black Friday and Cyber Monday mattress deals including the available sale offers and comparisons.

2013 Black Friday Mattress Deals

Black Friday has traditionally been a brick and mortar buying opportunity that involves low prices, early hours, long lines and limited quantities. It’s the biggest shopping day of the year, and is eagerly anticipated by people who are hoping for great deals on Christmas gifts or home improvements. Here’s the scoop on this year’s trends for beds (we largely found the Black Friday mattress deals on, as well as from press releases and retailer ads).

Deal Trends

Free Boxsprings: The most popular offer by far is the inclusion of free bed springs or foundations with mid-range and premium mattresses. Depending on the brand and mattress size, this can be worth anywhere from $200 to $400. Tempurpedic, Sears, Macy’s, Haverty’s and others are all offering some form of the free foundation offer this year for their Black Friday mattress deals. This type of sale is offered at several other times through the year so isn’t necessarily the greatest offer, but can be a good deal for people who need to replace their boxsprings.

Dollar Discounts: A few retailers are offering straight percent off or dollar off deals (not in the form of free products). Amerisleep has $250 off memory foam mattresses or 20% off adjustable bed packages. JC Penney has 10% off select mattresses, and Macy’s also has 10% off select Serta, Sealy and Simmons closeout innerspring beds. Haverty’s has $50 off Posturepedic Opticool hybrid beds, and Astrabeds has $200 of natural latex mattresses and 20% off of latex adjustable bed sets.

Rebates or Product Offers: Another popular Black Friday mattress deal involves including products or rebates with mattresses. These are ranging between $200 and $300 in value based on deals seen so far, but their actual value depends on whether or not you want or need the item offered. Astrabeds is including free latex pillows with mattresses in addition to their dollar discount, which are worth over $300. Macy’s is offering a $200 Dyson vacuum with select premium brand mattress sets, but the offer must be redeemed by mail and cannot be returned. HHGregg and Mattress Firm are offering free 32″ TVs or $300 gift cards on select brands, but may also require mail in rebates to redeem the savings.  It’s also worth mentioning that 32″ TVs are considerably cheaper than $300 in many door-buster deals this year.

Promotional Mattresses: Big doorbusters are popular Black Friday mattress deals, but since they are sold for only a limited time, finding reviews and specifications can be hard. While these offers are cheap, they usually have short warranties, limited returnability and questionable durability and long-term value. Mattress Firm has a limited $99 memory foam mattress offer and other doorbusters from $147-$295; Macy’s has memory foam and innerspring models for $247-$399; Serta has similar offers for $299, and  HHGregg for $277.  Sears also has an innerspring bed from $299.

Starting Dates

Starting times vary considerably by store, with some deals starting as early as Thanksgiving morning or the week prior. Tempurpedic’s deal will run all week through 12/2. JC Penney’s deals start at 2 PM on Friday and run through close, while Sears’ will offer their deals only Friday morning. Online retailers like Astrabeds and Amerisleep will start their deals at 12AM on Black Friday, and several of the department stores like Macy’s will also be offering their deals online, some all week long and through Cyber Monday, with a few exclusive Friday morning-only deals. Mattress Firm’s sales begin Friday and run through Sunday. Haverty’s main deals are Friday morning only, but they have a few offers running through Sunday.

How Will 2013 Cyber Monday Mattress Deals Compare?

Cyber Monday began a few years ago to extend the retail season to online retailers, and to provide options for people who prefer to avoid the hassle of Black Friday in malls. Online shopping continues to grow every year, and this year up to 3/4 of America plans to do at least part of their Thanksgiving weekend shopping on the internet. Cyber Monday mattress deals were traditionally different from the Friday counterparts, however the line has blurred this year.

Approximately 25% of online retailers post their sales in advance to make sure customers are able to take advantage of low prices, but many also want to avoid detracting from Black Friday sales so hold off on releasing offers until the weekend. Many of the main players have yet to announce offers, but some stores like Macy’s and Tempurpedic will be running the same sales through Monday 12/2. For the ones who have yet to announce their offers, there is a fairly good chance that deals will be quite similar to Thursday’s and Friday’s deals. For online-only retailers however, they may offer stronger promotions since Cyber Monday is seen as an “internet” holiday”.  We found a tip on a deal website the will be offering special Cyber Monday mattress promotions on memory foam to email subscribers. Other retailers have remained tight-lipped about Monday’s offers, but we will work to update this article when we have more information.

Highlight of Top Deals by Mattress Type

Innerspring Beds

  • Sealy Posturepedic Cookshire Ti2 at Sears – $659 for a queen set, coil count over 700 and available in plush and firm. Comes with a 20 year warranty and has above average ratings for a spring bed.

  •  Serta Perfect Sleeper Elite Serene Breeze at Macy’s – Priced at $597 in queen, this mattress has one of the highest coil counts of the Black Friday specials at over 800, and a better warranty, with decent reviews. It also includes memory foam which can help reduce pressure points and motion transfer.

Memory Foam Beds

  • Amerisleep – $250 off all memory foam mattresses, and 20% off adjustable bed and mattress sets starting midnight on 11/29. Their mattresses will start at $599 in queen size during the sale. What makes them stand out is good customer ratings, 4.0-5.3 density plant-based memory foam, and a 90-night return policy.
  • Tempurpedic – The company’s website and various retailers have free foundation offers, which usually add $200-400. Queen mattress sets will start at $1099 for the 2.5 lb density Simplicity bed, up to $7499 for the Grand Bed.
  • Serta  – Discount Serta memory foam beds will be available for around $300 from and Mattress Firm. They have low density (under 3.0 lb) and shorter warranties, but are some of the better deals among the cheaper offerings.

Latex Beds

  • Astrabeds – $200 off all latex mattresses and 20% off adjustable bed and mattress sets starting midnight on 11/29. They have the only 100% natural latex mattress offers we’ve found so far, which start at $1799 in queen and are customizable. 25-year warranties and 90-night return policy are included.
  • Stearns and Foster Latex at Macy’s  – Free shipping and rebate or a Dyson handhled vacuum cleaner. Queen mattresses with blended latex and 25 year warranties start at $1999.

Getting the Best Bed During Black Friday and Cyber Monday Mattress Sales

Mashable also found that 52% of shoppers spend more than one hour researching what they purchase. Considering that the average person spends approximately 8 hours per day sleeping or lying in bed, it may be worthwhile to spend a little longer comparing beds. Ads available in advance and online deals allow shoppers greater opportunity to research, compare and check reviews. 40% of shoppers who have purchased a mattress expressed buyer’s remorse in a Consumer Reports survey, so making taking a few hours to compare and ensuring you can exchange or return can save you a headache later.

Previewing Black Friday and Cyber Monday mattress deals ahead of time and researching to find the right product and value for your needs can make shopping the day of the sale a snap and help ensure you get a good bed. It is also wise to compare in-depth mattress specifications like coil count and foam density, as well as warranty and return information to make sure you get a true deal and not a dud that will need to be replaced by next Thanksgiving.  Check out out guide on How to Choose the Best Latex Mattress, our article on choosing a cool memory foam mattress, and our guide to have the best mattress shopping experience for research hints and tips.

When comparing Black Friday and Cyber Monday mattress deals, also consider the following. Do you want to spend Thanksgiving or the day after getting up at 2 or 3 in the morning, fighting traffic and waiting in line only to find out the item you wanted was sold out hours before you arrived?  Or would you rather begin shopping from the comfort of home, possibly enjoying a football game or favorite movie, and looking for online savings? Online Black Friday and Cyber Monday mattress deals provide the easiest bed shopping experience, with some of the best savings of the year, no crowds, less sales pressure, and a less stressful holiday weekend.


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