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2016 Mattress Review Series: Amerisleep Liberty Bed

While we’ve previously reviewed entire lines of mattresses, we’re launching a new series focusing on looking more closely at a few popular beds. The first we’re taking a look at is the Amerisleep Liberty Bed.

Amerisleep is known for both comfort and affordability through their line of non-toxic, plant-based eco-mattresses. The mid-range Liberty model is a medium plush mattress that is soft, yet supportive. This mattress consistently rates higher in customer satisfaction for design and comfort then its higher priced competitors.  

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The Amerisleep Liberty Bed Mattress Review

Quick Take: This bed is best for people who prefer slightly softer sleeping surfaces, and it is suitable for any type of sleeper.

Mattress Construction

As a memory foam mattress, this bed is composed of layers of foam with a fabric cover.

Foam Layers

The foam within the Liberty and other Amerisleep models has a large open cell structure that allows for cooler sleeping temperatures. It is capable of dissipating heat and circulating air 10 times faster than traditional foams due to this cell structure.

liberty bed mattress cutaway

Liberty Bed cutaway with its three layers of foam.

  • Top Layer: 3 inches of Bio Pur foam. Bio-Pur memory foam is a technology that is responsive. It conforms to the body while relieving pressure points on the shoulders, back, and legs, and unlike traditional memory foams, it will quickly contour to your shape and then quickly return to it’s original shape when you change positions or move. The Liberty memory foam has a density of 4.0 lbs. Higher density foams last longer, are of higher quality, and are more comfortable. Foam density of less than 3.5 lbs is quicker to compress and lose support, shortening their lifespan to less than half that of higher density foam
  • Mid Layer: 2 inches of Affinity foam. The Affinity layer is between the top comfort layer and the supportive base layer, transitioning between softness and responsiveness. It’s described as improving the soft feel without compromising the beneficial properties of memory foam or overall durability.
  • Base Layer: Bio Core foam. The Bio-Core layer is a sturdier foam that supports your hips and shoulders, while maintaining the natural alignment of your spine. Also a plant-based foam, this retains the breathable and environmentally-friendly properties. It is in the high-density range meaning it will provide longevity, and the ILD is high enough to provide support.

Responsiveness is an important design element for the comfort of the mattress. This refers to the speed at which the foam re-contours to its original shape. Mattresses with slower response rates make it hard to reposition or exit the bed.

Firmness & Pressure Relief

The Liberty does a great job of contouring to many different body types. We had The Best Mattress Team lay on this bed to show how the Liberty conforms to side-sleepers. Overall, each person’s hips and shoulders could sink far enough to keep their spine in a natural, comfortable alignment.

male 165 pounds six feet two inches tall sleeping

male 260 pounds six feet and three inches tall sleeping


The Liberty mattress has rapid responsiveness, returning to its original shape within 6-8 seconds. Alternatives like the more expensive Tempur-Pedic memory foam has a slower responsiveness rate of 45-60 seconds. While the gradually sinking sensation can be novel, a lot of people have an issue with the “stuck” sensation the develops if you change positions, and getting out of bed can be harder for people with limited mobility.

Celliant Cover

Amerisleep Liberty Celliant® Cover

Amerisleep Celliant® cover close-up.

Every Amerisleep mattress uses Celliant® fabric, which is a responsive, health-enhancing fabric, promoting restorative benefits and providing a deeper sleep. Thirteen thermoreactive minerals are woven into the material to reduce aches and pain, increase comfort, and help the body use energy more efficiently.

As you give off body heat, Celliant® converts this thermal energy into infrared light. This increases blood circulation and skin-oxygen levels to improve heart health and lung strength, while regulating body temperatures.

Developed in the 1990s, Celliant® has been clinically proven in independent studies to help people fall asleep 15 minutes faster and improve sleep efficiency, waking an average of 18 fewer minutes per night. The material will last the lifespan of the mattress, even with regular washing.

Eco-Friendly Features

For eco-conscious consumers, the Amerisleep Liberty Bed utilizes greener materials and technology for both the product and manufacturing process, compared to other foam brands.

Plant-based Foams

Their memory foam is constructed from a significant proportion of plant-based materials and uses botanical oil in lieu of petroleum products. 40% of the mattress is composed of renewable material such as castor and soy.

These eco materials are healthier (since they do not off-gas like petroleum counterparts), and plant based foams are also shown to retain temperature neutrality. A Cargill study suggests that they provide 5 times the breathability of standard memory foams and even beat gel. The Liberty Bed does not emit strong odors according to the majority of reviews (odors associated with foams are indicative of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)).

Non-Toxic Fire Barrier

All mattresses from this brand use a GreenGuard Certified Fire Sock, which adheres to fire safety regulations without impacting air quality. It is made of rayon and silica and exists as a fiber, rather then sprayed on chemicals. This replaces the need for polybrominated diphenyl (PBDE), which can be toxic to both humans and the environment.

liberty fire sock

Amerisleep uses an eco-friendly fire sock on all of their mattresses.

Cleaner Manufacturing

A zero-emission manufacturing process, called Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF), produces the memory foam in a closed chamber. This restricts contaminants from entering the foam and allows for higher regulation over the manufacturing process, as all variables are computer controlled.

VPF is a process free of harsh chemicals used by some other manufacturers to create foam. Carbon filters clean the air from the pressure chamber, resulting in the release of air that is cleaner than when it entered the chamber. This manufacturing process exceeds the requirements of the Clean Air Act. All manufacturing waste is 100% recycled.

Minimized Shipping Footprint

Another eco-friendly feature is the compressed shipping process. The bed is vacuum sealed and rolled, requiring less packaging material. Since the size is reduced, it can ship via standard courier, saving a significant amount of fuel costs compared to full sized beds.

Relative Affordability

Amerisleep is able to provide mattresses at a fraction of the cost of other brand-name memory foam mattress providers by selling directly from the website, cutting showroom and sales costs. While this is a common marketing expression, not having to pay commissions to dealers and high costs for retail stores does mean less markup passed on to you, the end consumer.

The Liberty is offered at a price of retail price of $1199 in queen size. Most mattress resources suggest that $1500 is about the average price people pay for a new bed these days, so it comes it pretty fairly. Amerisleep’s website is also known to offer sales around major holidays and regular email promotions as well.

Compared to other brands like with similar mattress densities and specifications this bed also offers good value potential. For example, the 12″ Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme Breeze retails for $3499, and the 12″ Serta iComfort Prodigy retails for $1774.


Customer Opinions: Amerisleep Liberty Reviews

Amerisleep mattresses have been designed to cater to different body types, sleeping positions, and support. At its mid-range pricing, the specifications of the Liberty are comparable to models that cost twice as much, such as Tempur-pedic and iComfort. If your goal is getting a good deal, it’s always wise to compare specs, reviews, customer service, warranties, and in-home trials to determine the best choice to suit your needs and preferences.

The Liberty and other Amerisleep mattresses scored better than average on comparison webpages such as Viewpoints, SleepLikeTheDead and Customers noted reduced pain, motion isolation, and the quietness of the bed. The company has been around about 10 years, long enough to spot any significant trends in durability which doesn’t appear to be a problem.

98% of customers recommended Liberty by Amerisleep, with 87% of users rating Amerisleep mattresses as satisfied or higher. Overall ratings were 4.6 / 5 on sleeplikethedead and 9.4 / 10 on On the brand’s website, readers can peruse over 350 verified reviews, which yield an average rating of 4.6 out of 5. The average overall for memory foam is 4.0 / 5 and 80% satisfaction, so this bed performs significantly better than average.

Customer complaints noted very small percentages of odors, a hot sleeping temperature, sagging, or unexpected firmness/softness. It should be noted that reviews mentioning off-gassing and hot sleeping were less than 3% in volume, much lower than the industry memory foam average of 8% for hot sleeping, and 15% for off-gassing. Some people noted delayed shipping, but this issue appears to be resolved in recent reviews from 2014-2016.

Amerisleep’s customer reviews are third-party verified, cross-referencing reviewers with the customer database to confirm authenticity of the claims. Amerisleep has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

About Amerisleep: Made in the USA

Here’s a little background on the company behind the bed. Amerisleep is based in Scottsdale, Arizona and their mattresses are manufactured in the United States.  Founded in 2007, the company aims to provide an eco-friendly alternative to the memory foam mattress market by manufacturing planted-based products.

Affordability is a key factor in Amerisleep’s marketing strategy. By selling direct to the consumer from their website, Amerisleep was able to cut the costs of showrooms and the retail supply chain.
As mattress selection is a personal choice, Amerisleep provides the option of a 100-night in-home trial to ensure consumers are completely satisfied with their decision. All beds come with a 20-year warranty.


Is the Amerisleep Liberty Bed right for you?

amerisleep liberty is perfect for any sleeper


Looking at reviews of the Liberty along with our own personal tests, this bed is recommended for all types of sleepers. If you like a medium soft feel without sinking too far into your mattress, you’ll love the pressure relief and support that the Liberty provides. Coming in at thousands less than beds of the same quality, the Liberty is a no-brainer for anyone looking to sleep well.

Amerisleep Liberty Bed
  • Construction
  • Durability
  • Warranty
  • Reviews
  • Price
  • Breathability
  • Motion Isolation
  • Firmness

Summary of Amerisleep Liberty Bed Reviews

The eco-friendly alternative to mainstream memory foam, the Liberty bed by Amerisleep scores well in customer satisfaction for comfort, affordability, safety, and health. Sourced and processed with renewable and non-toxic materials, you and your family can rest assured you will be getting a great sleep on a safe mattress, at an affordable price. Fair return policies minimize risk of online shopping, and the wide availability of information on this bed and Amerisleep Liberty reviews provide prospective shoppers with plenty of information to make an informed decision.

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