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2019 Adjustable Bed Reviews: What You Need to Know

Adjustable bases are making their way into bedrooms around the world. If you’re considering purchasing a new bed, you should take a minute to learn about these accessories by reading adjustable bed reviews, and consider pairing one with your next mattress. They offer much more than simply head and foot articulation, with the capability of transforming how people sleep.

In this guide, we’ll give you an overview of everything you need to know when shopping for an adjustable base, covering:

Editors’ Choice – Amerisleep’s Adjustable Bed Package

Amerisleep’s adjustable base is integrated with a variety of sleep-promoting bells and whistles to help foster restorative sleep night after night. Amerisleep’s bed package comes with an adjustable base and Amerisleep mattress for your choice. When you buy these items in their bed package, they discount the base 20% and the mattress $200. The price of the bed package also includes White Glove Delivery and an extended 10-year warranty on the base. Get more bang for your buck by shopping with Amerisleep.

The Basics 

As you probably know, adjustable bases are beds with frames that allow the user to customize the angles of their head and feet. One of the major differences among adjustable bases is how far they can adjust. Typically, a frame will adjust to between 60-90 degrees from parallel to the ground. Often, head and feet angle limits may be different.

Why do people buy adjustable bed frames?

Adjustable bases work wonders to alleviate health and pain concerns. Sleeping on an adjustable base can improve circulation, relieve pain and create a more restorative sleep due to the ability to customize positions. Positions such as “Zero Gravity” or semi-fowler reduce stress on the back and promote circulation. Kicking your feet up can also help reduce edema and swelling.

These beds have also been shown to reduce snoring and acid reflux. When you sleep with your upper body slightly elevated, it is easier on your air passageways and also prevents acid from coming back up in the esophagus. While a similar effect can be achieved with pillows, an adjustable base is a more convenient and ergonomic solution.

Most people really enjoy the comfort of customization and ergonomics adjustable bases afford. In fact, many perfectly healthy people choose adjustable bases simply for convenience and comfort factors. Watching television, typing on a computer or reading can also be much easier to do when your head is raised by your bed.

What sizes do adjustable bases come in?

You can expect to find adjustable bases in typical standard sizes other bed frames and mattresses are carried in. However, many brands only offer twin and full-size adjustable bases in XL sizes— these are 5 inches longer than the normal mattresses to accommodate an adult. Queen, King, and Cal King sizes are standard, but they are often offered in “split-sizes,” too. Meaning, the two sides of the base are split and can adjust independently of one another. Most split bases also have the option to work in unison if the couple prefers to use one mattress and setting.

What is the difference between AC and DC?

Adjustable bases are usually electronic and require energy to power their electric motors to raise and lower the mattress. While every electric adjustable base needs to be plugged into an outlet, some run on alternating current (AC) and others convert alternating current to direct current (DC). AC motors are more powerful and produce more noise, while DC motors tend to be less audible.

What are the weight capacities of these beds?

Weight capacities of adjustable bases are directly related to the quality of the frame. Lower-end bases tend to have lower capacities, around 350-450 lbs. Mid-range frames range about 450-550 lbs. and high-end bases can hold up to 700lbs. Consider the weight of yourself, your partner, and your mattress when deciding which is right for you.

Should my adjustable base have a wall-hugging feature?

Bases with a wall-saver or wall-hugging feature are designed so that your body stays in the same place even as the bed is adjusted. Meaning, these features keep your head near your nightstand even while your head adjusts forward, which most people find more convenient. Some models without this feature may not be able to work within bed frames and footboards.

What is the difference between legs and casters?

With many adjustable bases, you have the option to choose between casters and legs. Casters are essentially legs with wheels. If you think you may need to move the bed frequently, casters could be the choice for you. Alternatively, legs can provide more stability and many people think they offer an aesthetic appeal castors cannot provide.

Notable Features of Adjustable Bed Frames

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s dive into some of the more noteworthy aspects of adjustable bases and how they can help you sleep better. Not all adjustable bases have the features described in this section. Some beds may have many more or none at all. As with any purchase, you typically pay more for additional bells and whistles.

Here are some of the sleep-enhancing technologies often included with mid and high-end adjustable bases on the market in 2019:

  • Wireless remotes. Adjustable bases can be controlled by either wireless or wired remotes. Wireless remotes require additional batteries.
  • Preset positions. Some bases have preset positions such as Zero Gravity, a position that is supposed to mimic the feeling of weightlessness. While many others have a “Flat” preset that returns the bed to a flat position with the press of a button.
  • Programmable buttons. On both wired and wireless remotes, you may have the option to save your desired sleep positions. Then, the bed will automatically adjust to the programmed position with the push of a button.
  • Full-body massagers. These are one of the most common and popular features of adjustable bases. Using vibration, these beds help alleviate pressure points and tension, helping users relax. Some beds have a stationary massage and others have rolling massage features, moving from head to toe. Additionally, this function also doubles as an alarm in many beds. Simply use the remote or cell phone app associated with your base to set your wake-up time. Then, this feature will gently massage you awake in the morning. 
  • Smartphone/tablet compatibility. Techies take note, this new feature of some adjustable bases allows you to control your bed’s functions wirelessly using a smartphone or tablet.
  • Snore features. Log-sawing is left to the lumberjacks with these snore-stopping features. Beds with snore features allow one member of a couple to hit the “snore” button when the other is snoring, causing their partner’s side to raise slightly in order to reduce snoring.
  • Safety Features. When the power goes out, adjustable bases without the proper safety features can stay locked in position. This can be a problem if you’ve adjusted your head upwards to read or watch TV before bed, but then need to lie flat to fall asleep. Some beds are designed with backup batteries or systems that can smoothly lower the bed in such events.
  • Sleep/wake functions. Dislike noisy alarms? Some beds come with a feature for you. Using gentle vibrations and whistles, these beds wake you from your slumber at a preset time.
  • Built-in speakers. Just as it sounds, some adjustable bases come with their own sound system. You can play music, white noise, pink noise, or listen to a movie through your bed.

Return Policies & Warranty Information

adjustable bed frame

Adjustable bases have an electric motor and moving parts, unlike the average bed frame. As a result, their warranties and return policies can be more complicated. Before you invest in an adjustable base, understand all aspects of your warranty agreement including the length of the term and what it covers. After all, a broken adjustable bed frame can be less functional than a normal frame, perhaps even useless, if broken or stuck in an uncomfortable position.

Given the technology in the average adjustable base, if your bed doesn’t have at least a few years of full protection on moving parts and motors, you may want to reconsider. Your full coverage should include the price of repairs for at least a year, as mechanical issues often show up very early on. These beds are big-ticket items, you don’t want to be left holding the bag if something goes wrong.

After the initial full-coverage period, many retailers offer an additional warranty that covers parts for a few years. However, the labor involved with replacing the parts is not covered.

Pro-rated warranties will cover a portion of parts that is indirectly proportional to the length of time you’ve owned the bed. That is, the longer you own the bed, the less the retailer or manufacturer will pay. Some pro-rated warranties will cover labor, also.

Be sure to check the return policy on your bed, too. You should be able to try your mattress for a while in your home with the potential to return it if you’re not satisfied. But, adjustable bases will likely have more strict return policies and can be very costly to return even if the retailer does allow it, so be mindful before making a purchase. 

Specific Models & How They Compare

Now the moment of truth. We’ve compiled a table with various adjustable bases currently being offered from some popular brands. In one convenient location, you can compare and contrast the main features, prices, warranties and more.

Brand / ModelKey SpecsFeaturesWeight Capacity (Queen)WarrantyPrice (Queen / King)Reviews (Out of 5)
Amerisleep Adjustable Bed58° head angle
44° foot angle
Wireless remote
DC motor
Free fall
Dual-rolling massage
App controls
Flat button
Removable legs
USB & Lighting
750 lbs.1 year full / 24 years limited$1,900 / $3,6004.8
Costco Sleep Science Adjustable BaseWireless remote
Free fall
DC motor
60° head angle
40° foot angle
Zero gravity, Reading, and flat presets
700 lbs.1 year full / 2-5 years parts$1,189.99 / $1,599.993.3
Golden Rest Supernal Hi - LowWallhugger
65° head angle
35° foot angle
Wireless remote
DC motor
Backup battery
Massage600 lbs.1 year full$514 / $1,7953.2
Leggett & Platt Designer SeriesWallhugger
58° head angle
44° foot angle
Wireless remote
AC motor
Free fall
Dual massage
Zero Gravity
Flat button
Removable legs
700 lbs1 year full / 3 years limited$1,500 / $2,8004.7
Leggett & Platt S-CapeWallhugger
60° head angle
58° foot angle
4” legs w/casters
Free fall
DC motor
Dual massage
Flat button
700 lbs. 1 year full / 2 year parts$1,199 / $1,9894.2
Sealy Reflexion 4Wallhugger
60° head angle
40° foot angle
Wireless remote
Dual massage
Zero gravity, lounge, incline presets
650 lbs.1 year full / 3 year parts$1,699 / $2,7203.9
Serta Motion Perfect IIWallhugger
Wireless remote
60° head angle
13° waist to knee angle
50° knee to foot angle
Flat, Zero gravity, Reading presets
500 lbs.(Queen)
400 lbs. (King split, per side)
1 year full / 5 years parts$1,700 / $3,8003.6

Best Adjustable Beds of 2019

Now that we’ve gone over the basics and some of the more popular models, let’s take a look at some of our top-rated adjustable bases of 2019. Here are the best values for this year’s beds.

Best Budget-Friendly Beds:

These beds have a lot of potential and are relatively inexpensive in comparison to others on the market:

  • Leggett and Platt Designer Series
  • Golden Rest Supernal Hi – Low

If you’re looking for an adjustable base but don’t have much to spend, these beds are for you. The Leggett and Platt Designer Series costs a bit more than the Supernal, but you get some bang for your buck with the additional features. The Designer Series also has a very contemporary furniture-style look with customizable upholstery colors that will look at home in a modern bedroom.

Best Fully-Featured

Packed with features, these beds are luxury items at a value.

Amerisleep’s Adjustable Base and Sealy’s Reflexion stand out as having the most value for the price in higher end adjustable bases. These products are a long-lasting and welcome addition to any bedroom. Be on the lookout for mattress sales, as Amerisleep and some Sealy retailers offer seasonal discounts.

There are many more additional features offered by manufacturers at a price and a broad range of adjustable beds out there to compare. We tried to list more general attributes and more popular models without adding too many confusing features. When adding items or features to your purchase, make sure you are getting what you pay for. Sometimes retailers price additional features higher than their value to make a bit more money.

Be cautious when buying, and don’t rush into a decision. An adjustable base can take a chunk from any budget and should be looked at as an investment in your quality of sleep. Know in many cases, if you buy an adjustable base and mattress at the same retailer, you could get a better price buying them as a package than buying them separately. However, as with any big purchase, you want to make sure your investment will be long-lasting, and your new bed will deliver unsurpassed sleep for years to come. If you take your time and do your research, you’re sure to find an adjustable base and the most comfortable mattress that fits your needs and budget.



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    Wilmalee Mitchell

    We purchased a adjustable bed 12/21/17. This is one of the worst beds I have ever sleep on. The mattress moves. If it was not for my night stand & chair I would be floor with mattress on top. This mattress will be going back.

  2. 3

    In a power outage I need to know how to activate the battery backup, I see a small flat device about the size of a credit card with 2 small buttons on it, are there batteries in that that need to be changed periodically, and will they lower the head of the bed when power is out?

  3. 8

    We purchase an adjustable bed and when they delivered it to my home and set it up it did not work. We return it back to the company now I am with out bed and not sure do I want an adjustable bed. Sadly disappointed!

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    Joanne Domingoes

    I was hoping to find a queen split adjustable bed, I was told that no one makes it in this industry. Is that true? My husband and I are such different sleepers that I don’t think we could come to a compromise on a single adjustable frame.

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    Beth Forino

    In 2008 my husband and I purchased the Simmons Comfortpedic that we loved at time but after 8 years it became less comfortable and felt like there was sagging not as firm. We did receive a full refund, $2700. We have 14 days to decide on a replacement at Sleepys. If I knew I would only be given so little time I would of held off putting the claim in this time of year. Not sure above recommended adjustable models are sold at Sleepy’s. I made a note of two mentioned, below. Do you have a suggestion on a very good foam that is less likely to have harmful chemicals please send your suggestion. In the review I noticed the sleep number beds were not mentioned can you comment on those ? My husband was interested in that line as well TY

    •Astrabeds ErgoStar Evolution
    •Sealy Reflexion

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